Spectacular landings in Iceland


ISAFJORDUR, ICELAND – When we think of Iceland, we think of a place where it’s cold and where you can find volcanic and rugged landscapes. Iceland also has one of the most challenging airports in the world; Isafjordur Airport (IFJ). It’s an airport serving Ísafjörður, a town in the Westfjords region in northwestern Iceland. The airport is located in a fjord and therefore the approach to the runway requires aircraft to fly close to the surrounding terrain, making it unique and more challenging than at most airports. These two awesome videos will show you exactly why!

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A spectacular landing of a Fokker 50 at the airport. Video: Extreme Aviation Iceland on YouTube

Approaches cannot be straight-in for either direction, and when landing to the northeast, a full 180 degree turn must be made before touchdown on the 1400 meter runway.

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A stunning inflight video of a spectacular landing at the snowy airport. Video: eyvope on YouTube


(Head image: from eyvope video)

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