Severe Turbulence on Frontier Flight 226


Terrifying moments for passengers on Frontier Flight 226 from Denver to Baltimore on October 25, 2019. Severe turbulence caused many passengers to panic and even scream, while the pilots had good control over the situation. Anxious flyers who don’t fly much will probably fear and even pray for their lives during severe turbulence, while frequent flyers know that these situations do occur now and then when you fly. Frequent flyers don’t like it either, but they know it’s something you have to endure for a while. There is no need to panic. However, this video – recorded by passenger Justine Robinson – during the terrifying moments in the cabin of the Frontier Airbus A320, will probably make anxious flyers think twice to ever fly again.

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Passengers on Frontier Flight 226 panicking during moments of severe turbulence. Video: Justine Robinson on YouTube


(Head image: Ron Vandulek CC BY-SA 3.0)

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