Live Stream Of Storm Eunice At London Heathrow

Video – Relive Live Stream Of Storm Eunice At London Heathrow

LONDON, ENGLAND – Watch today’s spectacular live stream video of Jerry Dyer’s BIG JET TV covering one of the most powerful storms ever that hit the UK – Storm Eunice. A storm which strength will be remembered for decades, with a gust of 106 kts (122mph/196kmh), measured on the Isle of Wight which was a record for England, beating the previous record of a 118 kts (118mph/190kmh) gust in 1979 at Gwennap Head, Cornwall. The very strong winds on Friday led to school closures, stay-at-home warnings, cancellations of many flights in Ireland, UK and the Netherlands. Many people were injured and unfortunately one person in Ireland, three people in the UK, four people in the Netherlands, and one person in Belgium didn’t survive Storm Eunice. But this YouTuber braved the storm and his viral live stream video would reach more than 5.5 million views on this stormy day.

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Image: BIG JET TV / YouTube

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