Special Airshow in Russia to Celebrate 75th Anniversary of Victory Day


KUBINKA AIR BASE, RUSSIA – Due to the ongoing and dreadful corona pandemic, unfortunately many airshows are canceled worldwide this spring and summer. We are therefore sharing a lot of awesome and badass airshow moments every weekend in the coming months for our readers to enjoy during these difficult times we are going through. These are special moments from the past airshow seasons or airshows in 2020 which are not open to public – like this next 1 hour video of the Victory Day Airshow at Kubinka Air Base in Russia on Saturday May 9, 2020. Watch how the elite fighter pilots of the Russian Air Force Demonstration Teams The Russian Knights and The Russian Swifts – with their Su-30s and MIG-29s – perform their complete show during a special airshow to celebrate 75 years of freedom in Russia and to honor all the brave men who made great sacrifices for the freedom of future generations in Russia.

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The special airshow on Victory Day was held at Kubinka Air Base, which is located about 35 miles west of Moscow. Kubinka AB showcases the best of the Russian Air Force and the air base defended Moscow against Nazi Germany during the Second World War. Video: RT


(Head photo: Aleksandr Markin / CC BY-SA)

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