United Flight 1871 had to return to Newark Airport due to engine fire


NEWARK, NEW JERSEY – A United Airlines Boeing 757 was forced to make an emergency landing at Newark Liberty International Airport on Wednesday, due to an engine problem. The flight landed safely and passengers deplaned normally. There were no injuries.

United Flight UA1871 from Newark to Los Angeles returned to Newark on January 15th, due to a mechanical issue. According to FlightAware, the Boeing 757-200 departed after a 2 hour delay from Newark Liberty International Airport at 9:13 PM local time, and took off at 9:30 PM. The aircraft then landed safely at 10:07 PM, about half an hour later after the engine caught fire.

The calm atmosphere in the cabin turned into chaos instantly, when passengers saw flames coming out of the right engine. People were screaming, according to passengers on the aircraft. Passengers shared their frightening experience on Twitter. Others shared footage of the incident, like Gabrielle Guzy from California:

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Passengers like Gabrielle Guzy – who were sitting at the window on the right side of the aircraft – saw sparks coming from the right engine. Video: CBS New York / Gaby_Guzy

It was the most terrifying experience in her life for Nicole Adamo:

Many people on the ground also saw the passenger aircraft flying over with the engine spitting flames; “I witnessed this from the ground. The noises from the plane sounded like 5 or 6 explosions. That combined with the flashes of fire from the engine was frightening,” eyewitness Dean Smithwick said on Twitter.

Just one month ago – on December 19, 2019 – another flight had to return to the airport for an emergency landing, due to engine fire – ANA Flight 246 to Tokyo just took off from Fukuoka Airport in Japan and also had one engine spitting flames. The aircraft also landed safely and there were no injuries.

And 2 months ago another flight had to return to the airport after an engine caught fire – Philippine Airlines flight 113 took off from Los Angeles International Airport on November 21, 2019 and also landed safely without any injuries.


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