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SEATTLE, WASHINGTON – After years of designing and testing, and after 2 earlier attempts this week, the Boeing 777X has made it’s first flight Saturday on January 25, 2019. Due to extreme winds at Paine Field the takeoff was canceled on Friday, after the first flight already had to be canceled on Thursday, due to thunder storms. The weather on Saturday still wasn’t great, but the strong winds and thunder storms were gone. Nothing stood in the way anymore for Boeing to finally conduct its first flight with the beautiful 777X. After a successful test flight, that lasted for almost 4 hours, the test aircraft landed safely at Boeing Field, Seattle.

The Boeing 777-9 test aircraft from the 777X-family took off from Everett Paine Field at 10:11 AM (PST).

The aircraft was tested during a 3 hour and 51 minute flight over Washington state. At 14:00 PM the aircraft landed safely at Boeing Field in Seattle.

The test flight took the 777X all over Washington state. Image: flightradar24

Right after the crew had disembarked the aircraft, they were interviewed, smiling from ear to ear:

Image: © Boeing

“What was it like being on the airplane?” One of the reporters asked. “I’d still be flying, if they’d let me…it was so much fun,” Boeing Chief Test Pilot Captain Van Cheney said to the reporter. “The airplane was solid, the airframe was great. It was so much fun!”

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“The airplane is amazing. It outperformed any expectations we’ve ever had.” “Just an amazing airplane! It flies beautiful. We didn’t want to come back, they made us,” Captain Craig Bomben – Boeing’s VP of Flight Operations & Chief Test Pilot – said.


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