Boeing 777X First Flight Canceled due to bad weather


SEATTLE – What should have been a great day for Boeing today – with the first flight of the Boeing 777X – has unfortunately turned into a major disappointment, again. Due to extreme winds at Paine Field the takeoff was canceled and the aircraft returned from the runway. The maiden flight of the 777X already had to be canceled on Thursday, due to thunder storms. Boeing will try again tomorrow at 10:00 AM (PST).

The 777X was taxiing to the runway, then the aircraft was ready to take off for the first time. Instead it waited for almost 3 hours, hoping the wind would decrease, but eventually the hard decision was made to return with the 777X.

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For safety reasons the aircraft would only take off towards the sea. Unfortunately there was a strong tail wind.

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On Saturday 10:00 AM (PST), the aircraft manufacturer wants to make another attempt.

“We’ll try again tomorrow starting at 10 a.m. Wind levels prevented us from flying today,” Boeing said this afternoon.


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