U-2 landing at RAF Fairford


FAIRFORD, ENGLAND – Many aviation enthusiasts around the world will know the iconic USAF U-2 spy plane with its characteristic shape – looking like a glider – and its black color. Many though don’t have a clue what it takes to perform a safe landing with the large plane and its huge wings. The next two videos by YouTubers bobsurgranny and Gung Ho Vids, show us the interesting landing procedure of a U-2 at RAF Fairford, seen from different perspectives.

After the U-2 approaches the runway at RAF Fairford, it gently touches down – immeditately followed by a car – and then slowly rolls down the runway to a halt. One wing subsequently flops to the ground, then a pick-up truck with the pogo wheels comes along and fits them in for the U-2 to taxi to its apron position on Fairford Air Base.

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In this video we can see the whole landing procedure of a U-2 at RAF Fairford in October 2019. Video: bobsurgranny

In the next video we see from a different perspective – from inside a following car – how two U-2s gently touch down on the runway.

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Two U-2S Dragon Lady spy planes from the USAF 9th Reconnaissance Wing land at RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire, England on June 9, 2015. Video: Gung Ho Vids


(Head image: Bobsurgranny)

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