All You Need To Know About Turbulence

Video ~ All You Need to Know About Turbulence

MUNICH, GERMANY – Meet Captain Joe, a cargo airline pilot and a very successful YouTuber from Germany. Captain Joe is currently flying the most beautiful aircraft the aviation industry has to offer – the cargo variant of the Boeing 747, also known as the ‘Queen of the skies’. In this episode Captain Joe is telling us all we need to know about a phenomena many passengers of airliners fear during their flight – Turbulence!

Everyone has a story about hitting a rough patch of air, some even experience those hair-raising moments when suddenly more stuff than the plane is flying through the cabin. Bellies drop, drinks slop, and people caught in the aisle while lurching against seats. In rare cases, it can even mean more than bumps or bruises, as some frequent flyers might have experienced on one of their flights. In air travel, turbulence is a certainty and a major source of flight anxiety for all kind of flyers. But understanding what causes turbulence, where it occurs, and the high-tech tools pilots use to make air travel safer and more comfortable may help settle even the most anxious flyer’s nerves. Join Captain Joe and face your fears to make your future flights more comfortable and enjoyable!

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