Top Gun: Maverick


Earlier this week Paramount Pictures released the second trailer of the Top Gun sequel Top Gun: Maverick. Two YouTubers – also F/A-18 fighter pilots flying for the U.S. Navy – react to this awesome second trailer of Top Gun 2; what’s real and what’s fake? One thing’s for sure – the cockpit footage is real. Watch in the next 2 videos how these 2 fighter pilots share their thoughts and comments on what they know out of experience about the plane, the flying and what’s possible within the navy.

Tom Cruise wanted realistic cockpit footage for Top Gun 2, as a result he and the other actors are really flying in a fighter jet with the best Navy pilots – sitting in the backseat of the F/A-18F Super Hornet. It doen’t get more real than what we saw in the behind-the-scenes video, released shortly after the trailer this week. While Tom Cruise performed a few spectacular maneuvers himself – high in the sky – some actors did pass out, due to G-forces up to 8G.

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Video: C.W. Lemoine

Although the live-action scenes in the cockpit are real, this is also a Hollywood movie, so some scenes had to be created with cameras creating optical illusions, and ofcourse special effects and computer-generated imagery (CGI) to create even more spectacular scenes.

These 2 experienced pilots with their own YouTube channel, know that films often have fake scenes, but they also know that Top Gun: Maverick is produced by people who love to fly, love aviation and won’t settle for less than what we will see in this film.

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Video: The Fighter Pilot Podcast

One thing is sure: this film will be as realistic as it can get and it will probably be the best aviation film ever made. So whether you’re a pilot or not, we all can’t wait to see this awesome movie next Summer!


(Head image: Paramount Pictures)

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