Piper Cherokee makes emergency landing on Canadian Highway


QUEBEC CITY, CANADA – Last week a small Piper Cherokee plane made an emergency landing on a crowded highway near Quebec City in Canada due to a mechanical issue, Montreal’s CTV News reported. In his attempt to land the aircraft on the busy highway, the pilot narrowly avoided cars on the highway and managed to go with the flow and find a gap in the traffic, where he landed his plane safely without hitting any car. Drivers were left baffled on the busy highway, but there were no injuries.

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The emergency landing occurred last week on Thursday morning around 10:40 AM local time, on Highway 40 near Quebec City and just south of the city’s airport – Jean Lesage International Airport.

After the successful landing the pilot maneuvered the Piper PA-28 Cherokee slowly to the right side of the highway.

“We received calls mentioning that an airplane was landing on westbound Highway 40,” Sgt. Helene Nepton of the provincial police said. “Fortunately, the aircraft landed without a collision, and then no one was injured. In fact, traffic was able to resume quickly in the area.”

Officials were not able to say why the pilot needed to land the small plane immediately.


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