Video – This Man Is Flying to 17,500 Feet on His Paramotor!

CHIPPEWA LAKE, OHIO – According to YouTuber Chucky Wright this is by far the most insane video he has ever had the opportunity to live through and make. Flying high in the sky at an insane altitude of 17,500ft (5,334m) in the open air was also the highest and literally the coldest he has ever been outside a plane. This guy loves challenges and competition drives him to go above and beyond to push his limits to the max. He’s an extreme athlete trying all kinds of sports, and always down to try new ones, while having problems to stick to only one. Well, we think this one is extreme enough!

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Chucky during his spectacular flight in September 2021. Video: Chucky Wright

The spectacular flight was made in September 2021 and about one month later Chucky came to realize with sports that the more and more you chase and rush the adrenaline feeling, the more and more you reach that point that materialistic things do not mean anything. “It’s the people and memories you make with those people through experiencing things,” he adds in his YouTube bio.

In addition to being a successful YouTuber, Chucky also sells jets in Sarasota, Florida. He is also a strong believer of the person ‘high in the sky’ who created all the beauty he witnesses each and every time he is flying high. He strongly believes that The Creator is always right by his side through all his crazy and wild adventures, and this daredevil just can’t wait till the next one will come onto his path and we can’t wait to join him on his next adventure!


Head image: Chucky Wright / YouTube

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