Passenger dies on board KLM Flight KL808


STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN – A female passenger died on KLM Flight KL808 from Taipei to Amsterdam last Wednesday, KLM confirmed to The Boeing 777 diverted to Stockholm, but the woman had already died before she could be taken to a hospital.

Image: flightradar24

According to Airlive, a passenger saw that the woman started coughing after departure from Manila, Philippines. She had already boarded in Manila before the aircraft flew to Taipei.

The woman suddenly felt unwell and collapsed, when the aircraft was flying over Russia.

Another passenger alerted the flights attendants when she noticed that the woman was unresponsive. The flight attendants immediately provided medical assistance with an oxygen mask, while a Dutch female doctor assisted the cabin crew by performing CPR for about 1 hour.

The pilots were also alerted and immediately requested an emergency landing at Stockholm-Arlanda Airport. Unfortunately the woman was pronounced dead soon after the aircraft landed at the airport.

Due to privacy reasons, KLM could not make any statements about the precise cause of the death and the circumstances in which the incident occured, a KLM spokesperson said to

However, the spokesperson added that the woman did not suffer from the corona virus.

After the KLM B777-306ER with registration PH-BVU landed at Stockholm Arlanda Airport, the aircraft continued its flight to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, where the remaining passengers of Flight KL808 arrived with a delay of more than an hour.


(Head image: Jerry Taha)

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