LANGLEY, VA – NASA has released footage of a Fokker F-28 falling from tens of feet off the ground. NASA conducted a crash test at the Landing and Impact Research Facility (LandIR) in Langley. There were 24 crash test dummies aboard the aircraft.

The F-28, the predecessor of the Fokker 70/100, is the largest aircraft ever dropped on LandIR. NASA conducted the test to gather data on aircraft safety.

Front view of the test. Video: NASA_Langley on Twitter

Dozens of cameras were also placed in the aircraft to record data of the force of impact during a crash on dummies. The gathered data will be used in computer simulations that should contribute to higher safety.

Footage from inside the F-28 during the crash test. Video: NASA_Langley on Twitter

The released footage shows that the F-28 is released from a scaffold, ‘floats’ for a few seconds and crashes on the ground with a brutal force. The wings break off immediately after impact, but the body of the F-28 remains intact.

View of the test from behind the F-28. Video: NASA_Langley on Twitter

To make the test work successfully, NASA cooperated with the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), the US Army and the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board).


(Top image: from NASA video)

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