Airbus Bird of Prey


TOULOUSE, FRANCE – Earlier this year, at the Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT) airshow in England, Airbus already revealed a conceptual airliner design that looks pretty much like a bird, a bird of prey to be precise. Airbus now released a video on Thursday of the aircraft, designed as a hybrid-electric, turbo-propeller aircraft for regional air transportation with a hybrid-electric propulsion, active control systems and advanced composite structures. The aircraft design looks beautiful and surreal at the same time. Will Airbus built this incredible aircraft in the near future? We certainly hope so!

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April Fools’ Day joke? Not really. Way too early. Airbus is quite serious about this remarkable aircraft design. Video: Airbus

“One of the priorities for the entire industry is how to make aviation more sustainable – making flying cleaner, greener and quieter than ever before. We know from our work on the A350 XWB passenger jet that through biomimicry, nature has some of the best lessons we can learn about design,” Martin Aston – Senior Manager at Airbus said.

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(Head image: Airbus)

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