Video - What's It Like To Fly In An Air Force Jet?

Video – What’s It Like To Fly In An Air Force Jet?

ÄMARI AIR BASE, ESTONIA – Ever wonder what it’s like to fly in an air force jet? Watch how NATO video journalist Krista Purmale lives the experience together with the Estonian Air Force on June 30, 2021, during ‘Ramstein Alloy 2021’, a NATO Air Policing exercise held at Ämari Air Base in Estonia. The Estonian Air Force uses its L-39 Albatros jet trainers to assist other Allies in NATO’s Baltic Air Policing mission by training alongside other Allied aircraft as part of the NATO exercise, like these two Italian F-35s. The F-35s are intercepting the L-39s as a training mission during Ramstein Alloy, an annual series of air policing exercises that takes place three times a year, once in each of the three Baltic countries Estonia, Latvia and Lithuaniaformer Soviet countries, now NATO Allies. The 2021 iteration coincides with the 60th anniversary of NATO’s Air Policing mission, a regular peacetime activity that safeguards the skies over the Alliance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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