MiG-29s over Ukraine

Video – MiG-29s over Ukraine

UKRAINE – Russia’s invasion of Ukraine today led to many videos shared on the internet by people in Ukraine, like this impressive and perhaps also frightening footage of two MiG-29s flying by at medium speed. The video is going viral right now with already over 1 million views within 6 hours. What we see in the video is one MiG flying by at a higher altitude, while the other MiG pops up out of nowhere in a very low pass. There were many discussions circulating on social media wether this was a dogfight or not and wether these were Ukrainian or Russian jets. In our opinion the fighter jets appear to be Ukrainian Air Force MiG-29s flying by as the leader and wingman, not two adversarys battling in a dogfight.

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Video: Suchomimus


Image: Suchomimus / YouTube

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