Top Gear Race - McLaren Speedtail vs. F-35 Lightning II


RAF MARHAM, ENGLAND – Do you love fighter jets and fast sports cars? Well, check this out! This spectacular video brings the two of them together in an awesome race. This time a race between 2 beasts – the high tech and stealthy RAF F-35B Lightning II versus the powerful McLaren Speedtail with its futuristic design. And this time no straight race on the runway, as you’ve probably seen before in the past, but a full round on the ground and in the air – full of action and adrenaline! True ‘Top Gear’ fans may well remember the time Richard Hammond raced the RAF Eurofighter Typhoon in a Bugatti Veyron in 2008. Well, technology has moved on a little since then, and Paddy McGuinness fancied a rematch, so join Chris Harris in the super-slippery, 250mph McLaren Speedtail and the RAF in their 1200mph F-35 jet. Who’s gonna win this battle? Let the race begin!

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