The A-10 Thunderbolt II is a beautiful and iconic jet and getting rare at airshows in the U.S., and in Europe the ‘Warthog’ is a real rarity nowadays. The chance to see an A-10 at European airshows is at an RC airshow. And how awesome is that? OK, it isn’t quite the same, but radio-controlled aircraft (RC-planes) are really cool! They even sound like a real jet and they are very agile and the maneuvers are very fast, due to the model’s size. These 2 videos will make you – as a true avgeek – smile for sure. I guess boys will be boys!

In the first video Steve Johnson is flying the awesome RC A-10 Warthog and firing the dreaded GAU-8 Gatling Gun with Brrrt! This RC A-10 is painted with a beautiful black-grey-white camo and powered by two Jetcat 140 gas turbine engines which gives it more than enough power for realistic vertical performance and speed on low passes.

The kit is made by Skymaster Jets, a leading manufacturer in the radio control jets of many different types. This Skymaster A-10 is 1:6.25 scale with length 2552 mm (101.3”) and wingspan 2784mm (109.6”). Dry weight is 20kg to 22kg (45-48Lbs) and the model needs 13-15 servos.

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Filmed at a Jet Modellers Association meeting at the BMFA National Visitor Centre in Buckminster, Lincolnshire, UK. Video: Essential RC on YouTube

In the second video Kurt Tötsch is flying a giant RC A-10 at the Barone Rosso Airshow, also with flares and brrrt! This Warthog is painted in standard grey colors. It’s amazing how Kurt and other RC pilots control and fly these awesome mini-jets during an airshow! They are flying with a complete other perspective, from outside the plane, instead of the standard way of flying.

The Giant A-10’s specs: scale: 1/5.8, span: 3 m, weight: 24.9 Kg, turbine: 2x 18 Kg.

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Kurt Tötsch performing a fantastic display with his MIBO A-10 Thunderbolt II at the Barone Rosso Airshow 2018. Video: RCScaleAirplanes on YouTube


Boys will be boys! Image: from RCScaleAirplanes video

(Image: from RCScaleAirplanes video)

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