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TOULOUSE / MARCH 20, 2019 – Watch the replay of the delivery ceremony that took place, earlier today in Toulouse, France. ANA has firm orders for three A380s, becoming the first customer for the superjumbo in Japan. The airline will operate the aircraft on the popular leisure Narita-Honolulu route. The 3 ANA A380s will be painted in a special livery depicting sea turtles which are native to Hawaii. This particular livery is one of the most elaborate ever painted by Airbus. It took 21 days for the Airbus team to paint a surface of 3,600m2 using 16 different shades of color. The 2nd ANA A380 will receive a green livery and the 3rd an orange livery. In December 2018 the ANA A380 got its amazing Turtle livery and last month in February the stunning ANA A380 made its first flight in its new Turtle livery at Hamburg Airport. Video: Airbus on YouTube

Beautiful video of the ANA A380 Turtle livery. Video: Airbus on YouTube

At 5:44 PM (Local Time) this afternoon, the ANA A380 departed from Toulouse Airport in France to be delivered to the Japanese airline. Video: on Facebook

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On December 13, 2018 the ANA A380 rolled out of the paintshop at Hamburg Airport with its new amazing Turtle livery. Video: Airbus on YouTube
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First All Nippon Airways A380, first flight in Turtle livery at the Airbus factory in Hamburg, Germany on february 14, 2019. ANA´s first A380 enter the Tokyo – Honolulu service on may 24th, 2019. Video: inselvideo on YouTube

(Top image: from Airbus video on YouTube)

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