USAF Thunderbirds Flyover Hollywood


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HOLLYWOOD – Last week, – on March 4, 2019 – the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds put on quite a show in Hollywood by flying over Hollywood Boulevard to kick off the world premiere of the movie “Captain Marvel”. Earlier that day the Thunderbirds performed a flyover above the parents’ home -in Valencia, Santa Clarita – of fallen Thunderbird pilot No.4, Maj. Stephen ‘Cajun’ Del Bagno, who was killed in a tragic training accident last year on April 4, 2018. There are many videos of the awesome flyover, but this one is an awesome view from inside the cockpit of one of the Thunderbirds. Video: Staff Sgt. Ashley Corkins, U.S. Air Force Air Demonstration Squadron “Thunderbirds” / AIRBOYD on YouTube
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HOLLYWOOD – Another awesome video of the USAF Thunderbirds flyover comes from inside a helicopter from CBS Los Angeles. This is just an amazing air-to-air overhead shot you probably won’t ever see again of the Thunderbirds flying right over Hollywood Boulevard. Video: CBS Los Angeles on Youtube

(Top image: from USAF Thunderbirds video by
Staff Sgt. Ashley Corkins)

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