B737 Hits Bird of Prey


RUSSIA – Remarkable footage emerged last week from Russia, showing a bird of prey smashing into a cockpit window of a Boeing 737, resulting in one of the pilots – who was recording the landscape – dropping his phone. Bird strikes regularly occur during commercial flights all over the world. Sometimes they crash into the cockpit window of an aircraft, but it’s very rare to see this being captured on video by one of the pilots. It remains unclear where the incident took place, and which airline was involved, but local media say the B737 was from a Russian airline.

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The video shows how the B737 hits the bird of pray from behind so fast, that it’s really difficult to see the impact of the bird strike. Reducing the speed of the video in the settings below the video will help you to watch the remarkable footage more clearly. Video: WBR Avia on YouTube


(Image: from WBR Avia video)

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