The Intercepted Ukrainian Su-27 Has Returned To Ukraine From Romania

The Intercepted Ukrainian Su-27 Has Returned To Ukraine From Romania

BACÃU, ROMANIA – The Ukrainian Air Force Su-27 Flanker has returned to Ukraine on Tuesday, March 1, 2022, after it was intercepted on February 24, 2022, by two Romanian Air Force F-16s, after entering Romanian airspace. Two MiG-21 LanceR fighter jets escorted the Ukrainian Su-27 to the border of the Romania, after which the Su-27 pilot continued his way to an unknown destination in Ukraine.

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The Sukhoi Su-27P1M Flanker was equipped wit a full payload of air-to-air missiles, when it was intercepted. The two Romanian F-16s subsequently escorted the Su-27 to the RoAF 95th Air Base Captain Alexandru Șerbănescu, a RoAF air base adjacent to George Enescu International Airport, south of Bacău, Romania.

After the Su-27 landed, the Ukrainian military pilot was handed over to the Romanian authorities, the RoAF said. The pilot of the Su-27 allegedly flew into Romanian airspace after he lost communciation with his homebase in Ukraine, due to attacks by Russian forces.

The Su-27 returned to Ukraine on March 1, 2022, without its missiles, which is a standard procedure in relation to the international legislation. Just after takeoff the Su-27 pilot performed a wing wave, as a big thank you to Romania and their hospitality during his stay in de country.

The unarmed fighter jet was escorted by two RoAF MiG-21 LanceR fighter jets to the border of Romania, where it continued it’s way home to an unknown destination.


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