The Ghost Of Kyiv - The Legend Of The Ukrainian Ace

The Ghost Of Kyiv – The Legend Of The Ukrainian Ace

KYIV, UKRAINE – The Russian Forces had just invaded Ukraine a few days, when rumors started to spread on the internet that a Ukrainian fighter pilot had shot down six Russian fighter planes in one day, making him the first fighter pilot since World War II to be called an ace. Ukrainians are hailing the unknown fighter pilot who allegedly took down two Su-35, one Su-27, one MiG-29, and two Su-25 fighter jets in air-to -air combat. He has been hailed as a lone airborne hero who has reignited hope for Ukrainian resistance against Russian forces.

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Many Ukrainians believe the heroic MiG-29 pilot is for real. However, there has been no confirmation from the Ukrainian Government or its Ministry of Defence about any Ukrainian fighter pilot shooting down six Russian planes.

According to experts the story seems unlikely though, since the Ukrainian military is well equipped with air defence missile systems, making it unlikely for a sole ace fighter pilot taking down six Russian fighter jets. Air-to-air kills are also a relatively rare occurence in modern warfare.

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Perhaps one day we will find out if the ‘Ghost of Kyiv’ really exists and what his identity is. For now it’s a heroic story that the Ukrainian servicemen can certainly use in their fight for all Ukrainians and their beloved homeland against their former brotherland, now archenemy.


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