Aer Lingus Shamrock 1936 formation at Bray Air Festival


DUBLIN, IRELAND – Aer Lingus has released a spectacular video of Sunday’s opener at Bray Air Display; Shamrock 1936, a formation flight with Irish Air Corps’ Team Silver – with their Pilatus PC-9s – and an Aer Lingus A320 in its new livery. The stunning footage – taken with cameras from inside the cockpit, from a helicopter and from the ground – show a beautiful formation of 5 Pilatus PC-9s and the A320 along the Irish coast.

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A rare formation flight at airshows; an Aer Lingus A320 flying along 5 Pilatus PC-9s.
Video: Aer Lingus on YouTube

The Aer Lingus A320 participated in the 14th edition of the Bray Air Display – Ireland’s biggest Air Festival – which is organized annually.

Bray is a coastal town about 12 miles (20 km) south of Dublin city centre on the east coast.

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Last year’s edition of Bray Air Display featured a stunning DC-3 Dakota with an awesome Aer Lingus livery.
Video: Aer Lingus on YouTube

Aer Lingus’ new livery

In January this year, Aer Lingus revealed their brand new livery with this beautiful A330 paintjob video. The timelapse video shows the transformation from the old livery into the brand new livery.

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Six months ago, Aer Lingus presented their brand new livery with the beautiful paintjob video of this A330. Video: Aer Lingus on YouTube

Aer Lingus presented their brand refresh 20 years after Aer Lingus last invested in a new livery. With the new livery, Aer Lingus wants to reflect its position as a modern airline. Evolved from an Irish airline that flies internationally to an international airline that is proud to be Irish.

In addition to the new brand identity and livery, Aer Lingus also unveiled a new uniform this year.

Aer Lingus – derived from the old Irish-Gaelic word ‘aerloingeas’, meaning ‘airfleet’ – is the flag carrier airline of Ireland and the second-largest airline in Ireland after Ryanair. Founded in 1936 by the Irish government, it was privatised between 2006 and 2015 and it is now a subsidiary of IAG (International Airlines Group), the parent company of British Airways and Iberia.

Airbus A321neo (X)LR

Last weekend Aer Lingus received its first Airbus A321neo LR (Long Range). The Irish Airline has ordered a total of 14 of these aircraft, and will deploy them on scheduled flights to the American east coast. The A321LR will replace the old Boeing 757s.

The airline also ordered the A321 XLR (Extra Long Range) last month at the Paris Airshow. Aer Lingus will be receiving its first A321XLRs in 2023. With the B757 being the last Boeing aircraft in its fleet, this will bring an end to Aer Lingus’ Boeing era.


(Image: from Aer Lingus video)

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