Prime Air B767


A Boeing 767 has crashed into Trinity Bay shortly before 12:45 p.m. on February 23, 2019

HOUSTON – The Federal Aviation Administration issued an alert on Atlas Air Flight 5Y3591 after losing radar and radio contact with the plane approximately 30 miles southeast of Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, Texas. The Boeing 767-375ER (registration N1217A) operated for Amazon Prime Air was destroyed in the accident at Trinity Bay, near Anahuac, Texas, USA. Officials confirm that there are no survivors in the Boeing 767 cargo jet crash. All three crew members were killed.

The aircraft departed Miami International Airport, Florida at 16:33 UTC (11:33 hours local time) on a cargo flight to Houston – George Bush Intercontinental Airport, Texas. The cruising altitude of FL400 was reached after 20 minutes.
Descent towards Houston was commenced at 18:07 UTC. About 18:37 UTC (12:37 local time) the aircraft entered a rapid rate of descent and impacted the water of Trinity Bay, approximately 60 km ESE of the destination airport.

Prime Air B767
Prime Air B767 crashed into Trinity Bay – near Anahuac, Texas – approximately
30 miles southeast of Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, Texas.
Image: flightradar24

At time of the crash, visibility was over 10 miles with scattered clouds at 3,900 ft. The crew was informed of an area with heavy rain in their path.

Boats found the crash site soon after the accident. Image: from ABC7 video on Facebook

Soon after the accident lots of boats were searching around the bayou near Chambers, Anahuac. The crash site of the Prime Air Boeing 767 was found quickly. Thousands of debris were found at the crash area, including Amazon logo.

Update February 24, 2019: Rescue workers found 2 bodies after the crash of the Boeing 767. This includes the captain of the aircraft. The other body has not yet been identified. There were 3 people on board the cargo plane.

Update March 3, 2019: NTSB has recovered the flight data recorder from the cargo jet that crashed into Trinity Bay, near Anahuac, TX. FDR being transported to NTSB labs in DC for evaluation.

The Boeing 767 was 26 years old and have been converted from passenger aircraft to cargo in 2017.

(Top video credit: ABC7 video on Facebook)

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