New Yorker is Only Passenger on Delta Plane


ASPEN, COLORADO – Last week a New York man was very surprised when he was about to board his plane. 35-year-old Vincent Peone could not believe his eyes when he realized that he was the only passenger on a SkyWest Delta flight from Aspen to Salt Lake City. Peone received a special treatment during his flight on his own ‘private jet’. He even had the opportunity to meet the pilots in the cockpit.

Vincent Peone was on his way to visit his grandfather in the hospital, when his flight was cancelled. He soon booked the next flight possible. “Will the only passenger on this flight, kindly board at this time”, was what he heard coming out of the terminal’s loudspeakers. This was the moment he realized what he already expected before, when he saw no other people waiting in line to board at the gate; he was the sole passenger on the plane.

The resident from Williamsburg in Brooklyn couldn’t resist to document this rare event with his camera phone. As a result Peone’s Twitter video went viral this week with more than 2 million views already on Twitter.

Vincent Peone’s remarkable Tweet on Monday. Twitter: @vincentpeone

The lucky traveler enjoyed his special flight and made some photo’s while standing in front of the plane’s entrance door with a drink in his hand. He also recorded groundcrew loading sandbags on the empty plane to add some weight for the plane’s balance. Once inside the plane he picked the seat he liked to soon enjoy his next drink.

This is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience that Vincent Peone will never forget and a great story that the lucky traveler could share with his grandfather, who Peone saw in time to know that he was fine.


(Head image: Vincent Peone)

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