BETHESDA, MARYLANDLockheed Martin is helping their customers redefine the battle space across all domains – air, land, sea, space and cyber. Lockheed Martin’s connective Multi-Domain solutions make every warfighter, every platform, every asset – a sensor, a processing node, a weapon.

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The future of warfare – Multi Domain Operations. Video: Lockheed Martin on YouTube

Multi-Domain Operations (MDO) is evolving warfighting by synchronizing major weapons systems and crucial data sources with revolutionary simplicity to overwhelm and confuse the adversary.

The key is getting the right information to the right decision maker at the right time – that’s key to disrupting the Observe, Orient, Decide, Act (OODA) feedback loop.

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In this video Lockheed Martin is giving an insight on Multi-Domain Command and Control, where battle management systems are able to synchronize land, air, sea, space and cyber data in order to defend against, outmaneuver, and outfight adversaries. Video: Lockheed Martin on YouTube

The world is rapidly evolving and information in the battlespace is moving faster and faster. The ability to create simultaneous dilemmas faster than our enemies can react, is essential to prevail in future conflicts.

Shared situational awareness and near-instantaneous decision making will be provided by connecting systems that rapidly transfer data across air, space, sea, land and cyber domains.

This is the reason why partnering with industry and government is necessary for Lockheed Martin to advance systems and capabilities that enable MDO.


(Image: from Lockheed Martin video)

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