IranAir stops all flights to Europe


TEHRAN, IRAN – Due to the corona-virus outbreak, IranAir has suspended all flights to European destinations, IRNA News Agency reported on Sunday, citing a statement from the Civil Aviation Organization.

“With attention to the restrictions that have been placed on (IranAir) flights by Europe for unclear reasons all IranAir flights to European destinations have been suspended until further notice,” IRNA (Islamic Republic News Agency) said in the statement.

Starting tomorrow, all flights to and from airports in Europe – like London, Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Rome, Milan and Stockholm – are cancelled until further notice.

The last flight to land in Europe was IranAir Flight IR711 to London Heathrow, which landed at 2:46 PM local time. The last flight to Amsterdam Schiphol landed at 11:13 AM local time and departed at 1:29 PM.

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An IranAir A330 taking off from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Video: JERRY TAHA AVIATION

Iran is in the midst of a corona-virus outbreak, with 5,823 infections and 145 deaths. This is one of the highest rates of fatality from the corona-virus outside China, where the virus originated.


(Head photo: © Jerry Taha)

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