Iran Air Fokker 100 accident


TEHRAN – A Fokker 100 from Iran Air made an emergency landing in Tehran on Tuesday evening March 19, 2017. The landing gear of the plane refused to extract, so the aircraft had to make a belly landing. On the spectacular footage of the emergency landing you can see how this belly landing causes a spark of rain.

Video: Babak Taghvaee on Twitter

Video: Babak Taghvaee on Twitter

Iran Air – which currently has 15 Fokker 100s – has had more issues with the aircraft in recent years. It’s difficult for Iran to get new planes and parts. Recently a handful of new aircraft were delivered – Airbus A321s and A330s – but strict sanctions have put an end to this. Iran also had placed an order for Boeing 737 MAX 8s and Boeing 777s, but Trump’s sanctions prevented the delivery of the aircraft.

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An Iran Air A330 at Amsterdam Airport recently. In 2017 new aircraft – like this Airbus A330 – were delivered to Iran after years of sanctions. Video: JERRY TAHA AVIATION on YouTube

Iran Air still has other older passenger aircraft in its fleet, like A300’s, A310’s, MD-80’s en Boeing 747’s. Iran is the only airline in the world still flying with the old Airbus A300 passenger aircraft.

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An old Iran Air A310 landing in a storm at Amsterdam Airport.

In the history of Iran Air there has been 11 air crashes and 6 of them were since 2008, where the Fokker 100 was involved in 4 accidents.

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In January 2008 an Iran Air Fokker 100 also crashed after it skidded of the runway. There were no casualties.
Video: arsa54 on YouTube

Iran Air, branded as The Airline of the Islamic Republic of Iran, is the flag carrier of Iran, headquartered on the grounds of Mehrabad Airport in Tehran. Iranian Airways was founded in May 1944 by Reza Afshar and Gholam Ebtehaj. Iranian Airways was nationalized in 1961. On February 24, 1962 Iranian Airways and PAS merged to form the Iran National Airlines Corporation (HOMA) – known as Iran Air – using the Homa Bird as a symbol.

Domestically, Iran Air is commonly known as Homa, which is the name of a mythical Persian griffin, and also the acronym of Iran National Airlines in the Persian language. The airline’s cargo division, Iran Air Cargo, operates scheduled services internationally using three cargo aircraft.

As of 2018, it operates scheduled services to 71 destinations in Asia and Europe. Iran Air’s main bases are Imam Khomeini International Airport and Mehrabad Airport, both situated in Tehran, capital of Iran.


(Top image: from Babak Taghvaee video on Twitter)

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