KLM B737 and easyJet A320 collided at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol


AMSTERDAM AIRPORT, NETHERLANDS – A KLM Boeing 737 and Easyjet A320 collided at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Tuesday morning. The ground collision is probably caused by an error of an air traffic controller. The two aircraft had been given permission simultaneously to be pushed back from the gate and came into contact with each other, only seconds later.

Photo: Jye Sandiford via 112 Meerlanden on Twitter

Images and a report of the conversations between the pilots and air traffic control – which are in the possession of NH Nieuws – show that there was a lack of clarity about where the aircraft were parked. EasyJet normally uses Pier H, but on Tuesday the easyJet A320 was using Pier D. The KLM B737 was using the opposite Pier D and was also ready for departure.

Seconds after both the KLM B737 and the Easyjet A320 were simultaneously authorized for the push-back, the tail of the KLM aircraft came into contact with the left wing of the easyJet aircraft, causing considerable damage. The flights had to be canceled.

Shortly after the 2 aircraft collided on the platform, the air traffic controller in the tower said that he was mistaken in the parking space of the easyJet A320. He immediately apologized to the pilot. The voice recordings have been omitted for privacy reasons.

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This video was released today, showing how the KLM B737 collided with the Airbus A320 at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol yesterday morning. Video: NH Nieuws on YouTube

No one was injured in the collision. The passengers have only been delayed. They were taken to their destinations with other KLM and easyJet aircraft.

The cause of the collision is still being investigated. However, it was announced yesterday that no alcohol or drugs were involved in the pilots, ground staff or air traffic control.


(Image: Jye Sandiford on Twitter)

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