Body of a child found in landing gear of Air France Boeing 777 at Charles de Gaulle Airport


PARIS, FRANCE – The body of a child was found in the undercarriage of an Air France Boeing 777, that had just arrived at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris on Wednesday morning, the BBC reports.

Air France confirmed that the lifeless body of a stowaway was discovered early in the morning in the well of the landing gear of the Air France Boeing 777.

“The airline expresses their condolences and deplores this human tragedy,” Air France said in another tweet.

Flight AF703 connecting Abidjan to Paris had taken off from Abidjan, the economic capital of Ivory Coast, on Tuesday evening.

An Ivorian security source told AFP, a French news agency: “Aside from the human drama, this shows a major failing of security at Abidjan airport.”

Sources surrounding the investigation told French media that the body is of a child about 10 years old, but Air France did not want to comment on this.


(Head photo: Chris / Flickr (CC BY 2.0))

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