Air Europa Boeing 787 returns to Madrid after multiple attempts to land during storm in at Amsterdam Airport


AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS – Hairy moments on Flight UX1093 Sunday, when a Boeing 787-8 from Air Europa tried to land at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, while storm Ciara was raging over the airport the entire day, making it impossible for the pilot to land after multiple attempts. The passenger aircraft returned to Madrid Airport, the airline confirmed on Sunday.

According to news reports the B787 tried to land 5 times, but the route on flightradar24 showed 3 attempts, before the pilot decided to return to Madrid Airport. Image: Flightradar24

Flight UX1093

The Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner with registration EC-MIG departed from Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport (MAD) at 2:57 PM local time and it diverted back to Madrid, where the aircraft landed safely at the Spanish airport at 8:28 PM.

The 787 Dreamliner tried to land at Schiphol 3 times, but the gusts at Amsterdam Airport were too strong, which resulted in the pilot’s decision to divert back to Madrid.

Passengers on board Flight UX1093 shared their experiences during the scary flight via social media. According to a Dutch passenger who recorded the cabin video, most people on board the B787 remained calm, but some people panicked and were screaming, as you can hear in the next video:

Translation: Great panic on board this aircraft that wanted to land at Schiphol tonight. Due to the storm, that failed five times. The aircraft therefore returned to Madrid.

After many scary moments in the cabin of the B787, the aircraft landed safely in Madrid and no injuries were reported. “Passengers were looked after throughout the journey. After the flight, travelers were accommodated in hotels,” a spokesperson of the Spanish airline said. “On Monday, travelers were offered alternative flights to finally reach their destination.”

Air Europa Boeing 787 returns to Madrid after multiple attempts to land during storm in at Amsterdam Airport
Air Europa Boeing 787-8 (EC-MIG) landing at Madrid Airport in 2016. Photo: Alan Wilson / Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Storm Ciara

Hundreds of flights were canceled in Europe, due to storm Ciara. The storm raged over the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany on Sunday with 50 kts winds and gusts up to 60 kts.

Many aircraft at London Heathrow and Amsterdam Schiphol performed at least 1 go around. The Air Europa performed 2 go arounds and tried to land for the third time, before it diverted to Madrid. A Qantas Boeing 787 had to return to London Heathrow after a tail strike.

Storm Ciara has arrived in Norway today, but the aftermath of the storm is still causing very strong gusts at Amsterdam Airport with 220 flights being canceled, including 75 from KLM. Düsseldorf Airport reported 108 canceled flights.

Austrian Airlines scheduled a Boeing 777-200ER to Amsterdam Schiphol this morning to pick up delayed passengers in The Netherlands.


(Head image: Alan Wilson / Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 2.0))

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